The Jewish cemetery in Wolbrom

32-340 Wolbrom Wolbrom, Skalska
50° 22' 17.868" N 19° 45' 10.7388" E

Jews were only granted the right to settle in Wolbrom in the 17th century. Due to the fact that Wolbrom was an important transportation and commercial centre, Jewish population grew rapidly, and in some periods of history the percentage of Jews in the general population of Wolbrom exceeded 50%. Thus, already in 1740, the Wolbrom Jews obtained permission to establish their own cemetery. Previously they had to bury their dead at the Olkusz cemetery. The Jewish community in Wolbrom survived until 1942, when the Germans chose the cemetery grounds and the surrounding forest for the place of mass executions. It is calculated that some 2,500 Jews murdered by the Nazis lie in the mass graves there. The remains of the Jewish cemetery and the memorial dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust can be found in the forest on the western side of Skalska Street,  at the point where road No. 794 leaves Wolbrom in the direction of Trzyciąż.

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