The Dietl Palace, the Palace of Boris Jr. and the Manor of the widow of Louis Mauve in Klucze

32-310 Klucze
50° 20' 18.276" N 19° 33' 39.0168" E

The most valuable historic building in the area of Klucze is the wooden palace of the Dietl family, who were the owners of land in Klucze at the beginning of the twentieth century. The Dietl’s former "Leśniczówka" in Zawierciańska Street now houses the Centre of Social Welfare. The Bank PKO SA agency is located in the former mansion of Boris Jr.  and the Klucze Regional Development Agency in the manor of the widow of Louis Mauve. In her book "The Mauve and the Dietl families in Klucze in the years 1887 - 1945" Agneszka Mika describes the palace of Louis Mauve in the following way: “Under the patronage of Louis building of manor houses developed in Klucze. The first building already existing at the time of Mauve’s arrival at Klucze, was a palace with a pillared entrance, which burned down in 1905 (...). Then, Louis built for the family a new residence, which was a palace with a romantic tower and a covered openwork balcony. The building still exists today. "

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