Manor in Krzykawka

Manor in Krzykawka

32-329 Bolesław Krzykawka, Starowiejska 2
Phone number:
+48 326424720
50° 18' 39.7476" N 19° 25' 15.114" E

The most important building in Krzykawka is the neoclassical manor in which one of the beam supporting the ceiling is carved with the date "1724", which means that its builders were the first owners of the village –the Romiszewscy family. Later the property passed into the hands of families: the Tomiccy, the Łęscy, the Chodorowiczowie, the Zubrzyccy and the Gaszyńscy. The last owner of the manor was Anthony Bogucki, a senator of the Polish Second Republic, renowned Warsaw attorney, displaced from the manor by the Germans during World War II. After the war the manor was taken over by the state in order to include it in the property of Mining and Metallurgy Works "Bolesław". Currently, the renovated manor houses a branch of the Municipal Cultural Centre in Bolesław. There are also various exhibitions and concerts are held and there is the seat of so called the Polish Legends Centre. In the park surrounding the mansion one can find numerous specimens of mature trees, including centuries-old oaks and lime-trees.

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