Bydlin – the forgotten town

Bydlin – the forgotten town

50° 22' 50.7288" N 19° 38' 53.8692" E

Bydlin is a village with the parish church. In the eighteenth century it belonged to the Męciński family. A wooden church stood here in the year 1747, but after it burnt down a new brick church was built in its place in 1865. Few people know that the village was once a town.  The town’s charter was granted between 1375 and 1404. The name “Bydlin” was already mentioned by Jan Długosz in his chronicles. The last reference to  the "municipality of Bydlin" comes from 1530. In the sixteenth century the village had 4.5 peasant fiefs and three enclosed ploughland. The parish consisted of three villages inhabited by 175 families. At that time the governor of Kraków Mikołaj Firlej from Dąbrownica, due to the collapse of the old church of St. Margaret, built on the ruins of a small castle on the nearby hill the church of St. Cross. The local people did not accept this temple so the new one was built in the place of the former church. The existence of a rural school in Bydlin was first mentioned in the documents from 1613.

Bydlin was not  spared any greater storm of history. Gen. Burchard Miller marched across the village with the Swedish army burning the church of St. Cross on their way to Jasna Góra in 1655. The parish records say that King Jan III Sobieski was stationed here during the expedition to the relief of Vienna (1683). In November 1914, between Bydlin and Krzywopłoty a battle of legionnaires of Józef Piłsudski with the Russians took place. It is also known that in 1938 a school was opened and there was a room where a folk band played. During World War II the front passed through the village. The Polish army fought in the area against German  troops in September 1939 and the Germans fought with the Soviet Army in the winter of 1945. The preserved trenches of those battles are scattered throughout the fields, woods and on the castle hill. An important part of Bydlin’s history is the resistance movement during World War II. Almost the whole time of the occupation there was a division of  the Home Army active in  the woods of the Bydlińskie Mountains. Originally it was called “Hardy” and it joined the "Surowiec" division in the final period of occupation. The division also included  the residents of Bydlin and the local population actively assisted them. In 1955 in the village a library and a cinema were opened. In the late 1950s and the early 1960s an agricultural school was established to teach the basics of growing crops and keeping animals. The local health center, water pump and a sports pavilion at People’s Sports Complex Legion-Bydlin were built in the 1960s. In the ‘70s and ‘80s the village had its water supply system, gas pipeline and fire station OSP. On the 85th anniversary of the Battle of Krzywopłoty a memorial chamber was opened in the local school.

At the cemetery in Bydlin, on the first Sunday after November 11, at the foot of the monument at the graves of Legionnaires, a ceremony commemorating the restoration of Poland’s independence is held every year. The first such a celebration took place here on the 24th anniversary of the Battle of Krzywopłoty on 22 November 1938. During the occupation and after the war, the organisation of this event was banned. The tradition was revived in 1983. The ceremony includes the Mass in which many respectable persons participate, including the bishop of the diocese of Sosnowiec, a military chaplain, the honorary company of the Polish Army and others. The event is held under the patronage of voivode – previously the one of Katowice and currently the voivode of Małopolska.

Source: www.gmina-klucze.pl

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