The Jewish cemetery in Krzykawka

32-329 Bolesław Krzykawka
50° 18' 43.0992" N 19° 25' 15.7296" E

The Jewish cemetery in Krzykawka lies on the western outskirts of the Bolesław municipality, near Sławków and the E94 car route. The cemetery was established by the Jewish Community in Sławków in the early 1920s. It contains several dozen tombs with headstones (Heb. “matzevah”). The matzevah is a cuboid concrete or stone slab, rounded at the top, with Hebrew inscriptions and ornamented with plant or architectural motifs. The northern part of the cemetery contains headstones which are very simple in their form, a series of simple memorials lying on the ground. They are the tombs of Jews murdered during World War II. 293 headstones, made of white or red sandstone, survived from the pre-war period. The shapes of these headstones are varied. 85 of them are vertically placed rectangles, others are divided into a plinth and inscription surface, with the latter separated from the pediment by a cornice strip. Each headstone is topped with an arch, the crown of which is inscribed with a symbol. Six of the gravestones are richly ornamented with stone reliefs, while some of the other, rectangular with plant ornaments, date to the Art Nouveau period.  The cemetery also contains “eclectic” tombs, rectangular in shape, with a slightly marked plinth and a pediment with a quarter-circular top, as well as gravestones shaped like carved tree trunks.  The tombstones were catalogued in 1991-1992 by a team under the direction of Professor Jan Samek. They were also described by Dariusz Rozmus (PhD) in his book Cmentarze żydowskie ziemi olkuskiej (Pol.  “Jewish cemeteries of the Olkusz area”), published in Krakow in 1999. In 2003, the cemetery was visited by Shevah Weiss, Ambassador of Israel in Poland.

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