War cemetery in Jangrot

32-353 Trzyciąż Jangrot
50° 18' 35.0064" N 19° 43' 56.8668" E

On the north-western edge of the village of Jangrot, near Cieplice there is one of the largest in the Kraków-Czestochowa Jurrassic Upland military cemeteries related to the fightings which took place in the autumn of 1914 between the Russian and Austro-Hungarian armies. The bodies of 2577 fallen soldiers, primarily Hungarians lie there. In the central part of the cemetery there is a large cross with a plaque: "In memory of the soldiers fallen in 1914, the Hungarian, Russian and Austrian." Today the cemetery is fenced and it is under the care of the young people from the lower secondary school in Jangrot. Thanks to activities of the Polish tourist associations some of the graves have recently been renovated.

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