The church of St. Stanislaus (Św. Stanisław) the Martyr in Cieślin

50° 22' 22.5732" N 19° 37' 33.5568" E

The parish church was built in 1923. Its interior is decorated with frescoes and paintings by father Marcin Dubiel.


The statue of St. John of Nepomuk

The church contains a noteworthy statue of St.  John of Nepomuk, standing "on water", on a stone pedestal. The statue was made in the second half of the eighteenth or in early nineteenth century, and measures just under 1.5 m in height. The sculpture, carved in Pińczów marble by an unknown author, was probably made in Kraków. The founder of the sculpture was Jan Nepomuk Wolicki, landowner of Cieślin and Kwaśniów (he purchased these lands in 1810). The monument is placed in the middle of a water pool belonging to the local parsonage. Originally, it stood in the landowner’s garden in Kwaśniów. During the parceling out of the court in 1926, the Cieślin parish priest, Fr. Roman Pytlarz, moved the statue to Cieślin.

Why was the sculpture placed "on water"? According to tradition, St. John of Nepomuk is a martyr who was drowned in the depths of the Czech Vltava River. Therefore, his stone likenesses are usually set in the vicinity of or near water.


Source: www.gmina-klucze.pl

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