Poręba Dzierżna

32-340 Wolbrom Poręba Dzierżna
50° 25' 28.9632" N 19° 47' 4.8408" E

Poręba Dzierżna is a village founded in the fourteenth century (first mentioned in historical sources from 1350). The evidence of its rich past are the church of St. Martin (with an interesting design - the older part from 1766 is made ​​of wood while the other part was built of brick about 100 years later; there is also a wooden bell tower standing beside) and the manor, also from the XVIII century, surrounded by ponds and a park with many old lime trees, maples, and tuliptree. Smoleński Yellow Trail runs across the village linking it with the ruins of the castle in Udórz, the Kąpiołki village and the ruins of the castle in Smoleń. Poręba Dzierżna is also on the route of the Pacification Victims Trail (delineated by the Municipal Council in Wolbrom), which starts in Kąpiele Wielkie and runs through the valley of the Udorki river, where the trail links with the Olkusz Partisans’ Trail - it commemorates the victims of pacification of Poręba Dzierżna on 7 August 1944, when the German occupiers killed 39 villagers.

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