Old cemetery in Imbramowice

32-353 Trzyciąż Imbrawowice
50° 18' 12.1356" N 19° 52' 11.586" E

On the left side of the road, just a few hundred meters from the church of St. Benedict in Imbramowice, there is a beautiful, rural cemetery, which has retained the characteristics of traditional cemeteries of this part of the Polish Kraków-Częstochowa Jurassic Upland. It is  covered with old trees. Many local landowners lie in the cemetery, including Leon Rutkowski, a heroic defender of the manor in Glanów in August 1863, as well as the insurgents fallen in the battles of Imbramowice and Glanów, and the dead of peasant families, the rural intelligentsia and priests. The historic tombstones and crosses  alongside surrounding greenery make one immerse in reflection and meditation.

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