Manor in Bolesław

Manor in Bolesław

32-329 Bolesław Bolesław, Główna 55
Phone number:
+48 326424073
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50° 17' 49.0272" N 19° 28' 33.4848" E

Boleslaw, being a town with rich deposits of lead and zinc, brought its owners large profits. Thus, the seat of successive families who ruled Bolesław had to be splendid and even rightly deserved to be called a palace. It was located almost in the center of a small elevation of land known as the Palace Hill.

The Chełmscy, the Mieroszewscy and Moszyńscy families who reigned over Bolesław in 6th-18th centuries used to reside in the manor. As late as in the late 18th century Bolesławski the palace provided home to the last ruler of Poland - Stanisław August Poniatowski. Unfortunately, with the collapse of Poland also Bolesław palace fell into a state of ruin and in about 1830 or 1840 the next owner of Bolesław - Konstancja Łącka decided to move to the annex at the side of the palace, which began to be called a manor house while the palace was completely destroyed to such extent that the only remains of it are the extensive cellars in the park surrounding the property. Meanwhile, the manor under the care of its next owners the Mycielscy family prospered until it eventually became the headquarter offices of the companies managing the Bolesław zinc mines. Directors and managers of the mines lived there until 1945 when the manor was taken over by the state. Since that time, the court had gradually been neglected and fell into disrepair. Only in recent years, thanks to the efforts of the Municipal Cultural Centre in Bolesław both the manor and the park surrounding it have been returned to its former glory.


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