The Firefighting Museum of Olkusz

The Firefighting Museum of Olkusz

32 300 Olkusz, Floriańska 8
Phone number:
+48 326432845
Phone number:
+48 601854451
E-mail address:
50° 16' 50.0124" N 19° 33' 36.5184" E

The Firefighting Museum of Olkusz

The founder and curator of many years at the museum founded in 1978, was Stefan Ząbczyński (1912 - 2002), the long-time president of Olkusz Volunteer Fire Department and Honorary Citizen of Olkusz. It is thanks to his collector's passion, we can now view a rich and one of a kind collection of fire fighting equipment, cars, horse hose-carriages, helmets, belts, axes and fire uniforms of the 19th and 20th centuries. One of the most important exhibits of the museum is an alarm bell from 1642, which previously was in the church at the monastery of the Augustinians. The exhibit which attracts visitors’ special attention is the fire truck GAZ-AA. Such cars modelled on the U.S. Ford AA were produced in the USSR in the years 1932-1950. The Museum’s collection also includes documents, photographs, medals and badges, and old coins. In the variety of over twenty banners there is one worth special attention - it is the oldest banner of Olkusz Fire Brigade from 1885. The Museum has also a rich collection of fire helmets from the late 19th and early 20th century. The special part of the exhibition is devoted to the fight for Polish independence. You can view the uniforms, weapons, photographs, documents and personal mementos. The exhibits include a uniform of Piłsudski Legions’ soldier, a camp-bed of the General Anders’ army, and drummer’s eagle from 1863 belonging to the division in which Colonel Francesco Nullo fought and later died in the battle of Krzykawka. The museum has also noteworthy exhibits from the Auschwitz concentration camp such as a striped uniform or a rosary of one of the prisoners as well as letters of Olkusz camp inmates from the time of the occupation. The rich collection of the Firefighting Museum is not only a record of the history of Olkusz Fire Brigade, but also the history of the town.

The Stefan Ząbczyński Firefighting Museum of Olkusz, ul. Floriańska 8, 32 300 Olkusz, Tel. 32 6432845, 601 854451, Website; www.osp.olkusz.net, e-mail. osp.olkusz@gmail.com, Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 16:00, Saturday, Sunday: telephone booking for groups over 10 people. Tickets; voluntary fee to the museum.

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