The Fire Watchtower in Wolbrom

50° 23' 7.1808" N 19° 45' 35.5716" E

On August 1, 1895, a resolution was taken by the Governor - we read in the letter informing the head of the Olkusz district - to approve the members and candidates for the Volunteer Society of Fire Protection. Wolbrom was divided into five districts for protection against fire, persons responsible for each district were chosen. Since then, the fire fighters began to wear uniforms and work in  a more realistic form. The organization had 138 members. In 1904, its then Head Albert Kwiecień and farmer  Kazimierz Osinski initiated the construction of a fire station. Two years years later, a wooden watchtower tower began to dominate the city landscape.

Source: District Office in Olkusz

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