Cemetery from World War I

32-353 Trzyciąż Zadroże
50° 17' 56.3424" N 19° 47' 2.5944" E

At the western edge of the forest called Zadroski military cemetery was founded, devoted to the killed in fierce fighting which took place in the autumn of 1914 between two armies: the Austro-Hungarian and the Russian. For several weeks the surrounding towns: Trzyciąż, Jangrot, Zadroże, Wielmoża and Sułoszowa passed from hand to hand, and the surrounding fields and woods were covered with the bodies of dead soldiers of both armies. About 2000 of them were buried in the cemetery in Zadroże. Although it is located at a distance from busy roads and trails, the place is worth visiting - the easiest way to reach it is from Trzyciąż, about 2 km along so called Biała Droga (a dirt road ) to the south.

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