Cemetery in Krzywopłoty

Cemetery in Krzywopłoty

50° 23' 31.5168" N 19° 38' 2.2344" E

In Krzywopłoty, behind the chapel at the cemetery, there is a stone cross  towering among the graves. It is 7 metres high (including the base) and it has a fence around it. Numerous graves surrounding the cross hide dead bodies of Polish heroes. On the plaque under the White Eagle (the national coat of arms) there is an inscription:

Thou, Lord, who from the heights
Look at the dying homeland defender
We ask You, through this heap of bones,
 At least light the sun on our death
Let a bright day emerge from the gates of heaven
Let them, Lord, see us when we die.

The marble slabs are carved with the names of the soldiers killed in action. The central plate reads: "In memory of Stanisław Paderewski, the Polish Legion lieutenant (captain of the Russian army), the silent fighter for the freedom of Motherland, Eugene Medyński Lieutenant of the Polish Legions and 44 soldiers of the Polish Legions, the heroes of the fight for freedom of their Motherland killed in the battle of Załęże and Krzywopłoty on 18 November 1914, resting in this common grave. "

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