IV class Railway Station in Olkusz - Iwangrodzko-Dąbrowska Railway

50° 16' 26.2776" N 19° 34' 26.598" E

Stuck in a queue to the ticket office or later - already on the platform - watching for the train, hardly anyone pays attention to the building of the Olkusz railway station. As it has not been renovated for years it does not raise too much interest, and yet dates back well over a century and as such is undoubtedly a historic building. Certainly it used to be more impressive, so it was captured on an etching in the 40th volume of "Kłosy" from 1885, Tsar Alexander III, signed the articles of Association of the Dęblińsko-Dąbrowska Iron Way, giving the Association a licence to construct. It should be added, since hardly anyone remembers that, in accordance with the tsar’s recommendation a track wider than elsewhere in Europe was constructed. That is why, the wide track line LHS (the line of Steel and Sulfur) built in the 70s of the 20th century is not any novelty for Olkusz.

Over 433 kilometres long railway - also called Iwangrodzko-Dabrowska – was being built by 18 thousand workers for three years. Ill-treated and badly paid workers rioted over time, while the happy were those who sold land for the tracks, as they were getting a good price. At that time in Olkusz four station buildings were built:  one in Strzemieszyce Class III and Class IV stations - in Olkusz, Sławków and Wolbrom. All of them have been preserved to our times.

The first train from Kielce to Dąbrowa departed on the 26th of January, 1885. The railway construction has caused a revival in the district, the number of inhabitants increased and the economy began to develop. Conversely, communes were at a disadvantage as they never saw they railway done. Pilica, for example, where the railway did not reach, because its heirs strongly opposed it at that time, (they were afraid that the peasants would flee to the industrial works in Zagłębie) declined rapidly and today has fewer inhabitants than in the second half of the 19th century.

Source: District Office Olkusz

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