The Tarnówka Spring

The Tarnówka Spring

Szlak Jaskiniowców
50° 24' 50.7312" N 19° 40' 4.6884" E

The Tarnówka (also known as Sączenica) is a tributary of the Biała Przemsza river. The rheocrene spring in the Czarny Las (”Black Forest”) in Domaniewice is dubbed an ”etermal spring.” Until this very day, it is inhabited by the Crenobia alpina freshwater flatworm which reaches up to 16 mm and resembles a small, dark coloured leech. The species lives in cold temperatures, inhabiting the rock bottoms of waters with a strong current. It is a relic of the Ice Age. Presently, its ideal living conditions are mountain brooks, over 1000 m above sea level, or both upland and lowland springs, where the temperature does not exceed 7-8 degrees Celcius.

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