The Michałowiec reserve (in the Trzyciąż commune)

32-353 Trzyciąż Michałówka
50° 18' 33.804" N 19° 43' 5.0628" E

Situated in the Trzyciąż commune and stretching over the surface of 12.6 ha, the “Michałowiec” flower reserve is the only such reserve in the Eagle Nests Landscape Park area. It was established to protect and preserve the population of the Carpathian beech as well as a diverse population of orchids. One of the most beautiful orchid species in Poland, to be found in the reserve area, is the Cypriprdium caloceolus lady’s slipper (the image of which is in the Trzyciąż commune emblem). Although it was a very common plant in the south part of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland just about a century ago, due to its beauty it was often picked and collected. Hence nowadays, it is to be found only in a few sites. Another important thing is the protection of the beech wood structure. The reserve qualified as protected area in the NATURA 2000 system, to protect not only Polish, but also European natural heritage.

The Michałowiec reserve lies at some distance from popular tourist trails, between the villages Jangrot and Michałówka, near the Jangrot-Cieplice War Cemetery.

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