The Jasna Strzegowska Cave

Szlak Jaskiniowców
50° 25' 23.8044" N 19° 41' 27.3408" E

The Jasna Strzegowska Cave has been known and explored for a long time. Years ago, excavations uncovered Upper Paleolithic finds (30 000 BC) from the Aurignacian culture. In the cave’s oldest alluvium, animal remains were found, e.g. those of a cave bear. Between 1992 and 1994, archaeologists discovered the remains of a settlement at the summit, with flint workshops which mass-produced flint axes. The chamber is well-lit and mostly quite spacious. The roof has several skylight apertures. Further on, a passage leads to the deeper portion of the cave, dubbed the Fox Holes – a small tunnel with narrow branches.

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