The Januszkowa Góra Cave and Nature Reserve “Pazurek”

32-300 Olkusz Pazurek
50° 19' 51.15" N 19° 38' 32.118" E

The reserve covering 185 ha is located in the Olkusz commune. The area is diverse in terms of terrain (350 – 441 meters above sea level) and limestone rock formations. The Reserve protects over 290 species of mountain flora, including 21 species protected by law (like hart's-tongue fern and ramsons). There is an educational trail leading through the protected area available for tourists.

The reserve encloses Januszkowa Mountain which hides one of the deepest caves of the Polish Kraków-Częstochowa Jurassic Upland – Januszkowa Szczelina. This is the second cave in terms of difficulty level with the total length of 180 meters.

There are plans for the future to create a separate reserve of Januszkowa Góra that will cover 36 ha and 56 ha of buffer zone. The reserve will protect 12 rock shelters and caves, 180 vascular plants, including 26 species protected by law (including a rare mushroom – Giant puffball).

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