The Ciesenć (or Ciesnyć) Cave

50° 24' 4.4028" N 19° 37' 2.37" E

Very interesting dripstone cavern – one of the most valuable sedimentary caves of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. It was discovered in 1997 by Jerzy Sławiński and Adam Polonius whilst they were cataloguing caves and shelter caves. Sadly, it will not be made available to the tourists because due to its unique value, barriers have been installed, preventing its exploration. The entrance is situated at the foot of a rock wall, 500 m to the north-east from the Hucisko village. The interior may be accessed by a small, narrow corridor. The interior is a 20 m hall, reaching as much as 8 m at its highest point. The southern part starts off with the meandering Krystyna Corridor, the water-smoothed walls of which are covered with dripstone formations. The cave is 245 m long and 22,4 m deep. Part of the cavern corridors are vertical, such as the 6 m entrance chimney secured with a metal door. The most interesting dripstone elements are pisolithic limestone areas and original mushroom-shaped formations.

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