The Biśnicka Cave

Szlak Jaskiniowców
50° 25' 29.316" N 19° 39' 40.428" E

The Biśnik Cave in Strzegowa is the Polish cradle of the primitive man. This has been substantiated by several years of research by archaeologists from the Nicolaus Copernicus Unversity from Toruń, under Professor Krzysztof Cyrek. In the cave’s deepest alluvium explored, numerous stone tools were found which, according to the provisional, yet very credible assessment from the scientists, may date back to as much as 500-400 thousand years ago. The tools were all created by the Homo erectus, which is a large sensation on a national or even continental scale. The site is also unique for its traces of as much as eighteen attempts of settling by groups of Neanderthals, as well as older human species. Though no caveman remains were found so far, excavations revealed numerous bones of hunted animals and employed tools, fashioned of flint, bone and horn. A true revelation in recent years was the discovery in the cave entrance area of a construction resembling a windbreak.

Caution! Entry is strictly forbidden.

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