Jaskinia Błotna (The Mud Cave)

50° 20' 8.214" N 19° 36' 0.5796" E

One of the most crucial recent speleological discoveries in the Polish Jurassic Upland. The Mud Cave is the fifth deepest one, as well as one of the most technically difficult caves of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. Its name stems from the fact that the walls and bottom of this cleft cavern are slippery and very hard to move around due to a layer of mud. Its sightseeing requires the use of specialist equipment and climbing skills, especially with some of the stone steps.

The vertical cave is 42 m deep, and the length of its corridors reaches up to 120 m. The cavern is located in the central part of the Stołowa Mountain, ca. 2 km north of Jaroszowiec. The entrance is a well-like formation, built on a wide tectonic cleft which is 23 m deep. Its passage is especially challenging when leaving the cave, for the width may sometimes narrow down to as little as 25 cm. The corridors sometimes expand into larger spaces, such as the Dripstone Hall or the Lower Chamber. Due to the technical difficulties when exploring, and its recent discovery (1989), the cave may boast some interesting dripstone formations, which has remained almost intact. Here, one may admire dripstone layers, large stalactites, woolly formations, as well as draperies, rice field formations and in the lower parts of the cave (in the alluvium and on its surface) broken remnants of large stalactites and stalagmites.

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