The Imre Cserépfalvi Rememberance Room and statue

The Imre Cserépfalvi Rememberance Room and statue

3413 Cserépfalu, Kossuth 152
Phone number:
+36 649523005
E-mail address:
47° 56' 33.6336" N 20° 32' 6.0612" E

In 1998, not long before the birth centenary of Imre Cserépfalvi (Deutsch), a  legendary Hungarian publisher, born in Cserépfalu, a Remembrance Room dedicated to his memory was re-created and unveiled.

Imre Cserépfalvi (1900-1991) was the most famous person born in the village. His real name was Deutsch and the name under which he came to be known, he assumed as a tribute to Cserépfalu. His editor’s workshop – Cserépfalvi Publishing – was made famous by publications such as e.g. “It Hurts So Much” (Nagyon fáj), a volume by Attila József, the greatest 20 c. Hungarian poet, or “The Tard Situation” (A tardi helyzet), Zoltán Szabó’s sociography concerning the underprivileged locals. Before 1945, Imre Cserépfalvi was tried under the accusation of Communist beliefs, whereas after that date, the Communist authorities nationalised his publishing house. He only recovered it in 1989, two years prior to his death.

Opening hours:

May 1st  – Sep 30th:

From Tue. to Sat., between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m..

Oct. 1st – Apr. 30th:

On earlier reservation

Guide available at the neighbouring Subalyuk Museum.

Admission: Regular: 300 Ft

Discount: 150 Ft

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