Ódor castle ruins

3413 Cserépfalu, Hór-völgy
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47° 56' 52.1556" N 20° 32' 2.6772" E

The castle history is obscure. The only note concerning it dates back to 1351. Probably already in the early Middle Ages, the fortification was partly carved in rock, which may account for its name (“odorjas” is an old-Hungarian adjective denoting something connected with caves). The castle remains are scant, but the view from the top is breathtaking. According to local tradition, in the 14th-15th c., the castle was used by robber knights, such as e.g. Hussite mercenaries. Following the fall of the Eger castle, the Ódor fortification also became Turkish property. Carved on a nearby rock, is a slightly different take on history, according to which Ódor was first a Neolithic settlement, then a fortified one, next a medieval stone castle, later taken by the Hussites and torn down around 1437. Underneath the ruins, there is a stalactite cave, yet unavailable for tourists.


The Ódor mountain is the best viewing spot in the southern part of the Bükk Mountains. Tourists are drawn by numerous attractions in the vicinity, such as a Neanderthal cave, several water-springs, a tourist trail junction and a picnic spot.


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