Calvinist church

3413 Cserépfalu
Phone number:
+36 649523005
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47° 56' 29.4468" N 20° 32' 28.4928" E

The vast majority of Cserépfalu citizens are Calvinist. The local church is one of the tallest Protestant church buildings in the entire komitat (Hungarian equivalent of “province”) – its tower stands 54 m high. The church measures 13 X 36 m and was erected in the years 1897 – 1898, following the design by architect Ferenc Bezdány. The interior can accommodate up to 1300 people. Both the apse and the vault are semicircular. The most important object within the church is a splendid Baroque chair, known as the Moses’ Throne, taken from a Catholic church, which was torn down in 1890. The organ was built by Sándor Váradi in 1896 r. The church boasts three bells, weighing respectively 330, 200 and 85 kgs. In the church grounds, there is a war memorial, dedicated to the victims of World War I and World War II. To further honour them, in November 2005, a ‘passing bell,’ founded by Péter Csicseri Pintér was also put up.

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