Seven ”rows” of cellars

Seven ”rows” of cellars

3413 Cserépfalu
47° 56' 28.1436" N 20° 32' 33.4968" E

The seven ”rows” of cellars (a three-level Berezdaljai row and Pásti Street, Fidóci Street, Suragödri Street, Csecslápai Street, Pincevölgyi Street and Kácsi Street) include 400 cellars total.

Wine cellar streets surround our village on every side. During World War II, in 1944 people seeking shelter in cellars would come even from the Great Hungarian Plan area.

Famous cellars decorated with sculptures and reliefs.


The Berezdi row:

  • The Kompa cellar: great cellar, great wines, sale
  •     The Gacsó cellar: images of six World War I soldiers guarding the barrels, carved in-between 1925-28 (+36 49/423-148)
  •     The Derda cellar: the wine chapel (+36 49/423-205)
  •     The Nagy cellar: multiple chambers and one large hall (+36 30/9636581)
  •     The Gál cellar: bottle display +36 49/334-153)
  •     Wooden sculptures – to honour the winemakers’ ancestors and as a token of friendship between cellar-owners.

The Pásti row:

  • The Wine Shack: a wooden construction with 70 seats and room for a bogracs pot. Open air tasting parties available.
  • The Pásti Cellars and Houses: a four-part cellar, reliefs and a stone figurine offering wine (+36 30/2079977) tasting, sale
  • The Tóth cellar: the numer of the host’s various wine taps (used for drawing wine) always equals his age in years (49/423-370)
  • The Garai cellar: a gallery of Hungarian kings, carved in tuff rock (+36 49/423-351)

Fidóci pincesor

  • The Mizser Cellar: relief depicting the ancient Magyars’ blood brotherhood (+36 30/239-8006)

Csecslápa pincesor

  • The Dósa cellar: reliefs depicting: highland robbers drinking a toast, map of the historic Kingdom of Hungary with angels.(+36 30/2294626)


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