Oszlai Regional House (Oszlai Tájház)

Oszlai Regional House (Oszlai Tájház)

3413 Cserépfalu
Phone number:
+36 649523005
E-mail address:
47° 56' 58.362" N 20° 32' 3.6816" E

The Oszlai Regional House (originally a forester’s lodge) stands at the base of the rock, on top of which the Ódor castle ruins are located. The exhibits on display portray the fascinating life and work of the foresters, their implements and ties to the local villages.

A large portion of the Bükk Mountains forests was royal and later state property. Since the 18th c., local forests were felled for industrial purposes. The foresters and local communities were bound by strict rules, regarding the utilisation of the forest resources. The former ones especially played an important part, protecting the natural resources and administering the work. Foresters’ lodges stand in the Bükk Mountains clearings until this very day. The one in the Oszla meadow functions as both a museum and regional house. Its décor succeeds in depicting the duality of the foresters’ life. Since they were state officials, part of the display consists of official paraphernalia, typical for their unique profession. Another portion of exhibits shows that foresters were tightly connected to the local lifestyle and material culture, very often even to local folk art. The exhibition was made available to the public after the lodge renovation in 1982. The house and entire collection is owned by the Director of the Bükk Mountains National Park and administered by the Cserépfalu Commune.


Opening hours:

May 1st  – Sep 30th:

From Tue. to Sat., between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m..

Oct. 1st – Apr. 30th:

On earlier reservation

Admission: Regular: 300 Ft

          Discount: 150 Ft

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