Sports and Recreation Centre

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Hostel Sports and Recreation Centre
32-310 Jaroszowiec, Kolejowa 15a
Phone number:
+48 326457085
Booking by phone only

The facilities of the Sports and Recreation Centre include: indoor swimming pool/25x12, 5 /, sauna, table tennis table, lounge, conference room. The resort is adjusted to the disabled guests / lift, ramps, bathrooms /.

The price of a hotel room includes 1 hour of swimming per day.

Children under 3 years old - free of charge.

Children between 4-7 years old - 50% of discount.

Price includes

The resort has 45 beds in single, double and 3-person rooms. The price depends on the length of stay and ranges between 40-70 PLN per person.

First Floor

a/room no.  11 /1-2-person room with bathroom/-balcony

b/room no. 12 /single room with bathroom/- balcony

c/room no. 13a and b/a suite /double and 3-person room, bathroom, kitchen, terrace, TV set/

d/room no. 14a and b/a suite/ double and 3-persos room, bathroom, kitchen, terrace, TV set/

Second Floor

a/room 101/ double room with bathroom/-balcony

b/room 102/ 1-2 person room with bathroom/-balcony

c/room 103/ 3-person room with bathroom/

d/room 104a and b /double room and 3-person room, bathroom, kitchen/

e/room 105/3-person room with bathroom /-balcony

f/room 106/double room with bathroom / -balcony

g/room 107/2-3-person room/- balcony

h/room 108/double room with bathroom/ - balcony

i/ room 109/double room with bathroom/

j/room 110a and b/double and 3-person room with bathroom, kitchen/

k/room 111/double room with bathroom/

l/room 112 a and b/single and 3-person room with bathroom/ -balcony


The Internet access, kettle and radio will be available in all the rooms.

There will be a small dining place available on-site with the possibility of full board for groups / tours, trainings, conferences, sports camps / as well as individual clients.

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