Fishing in the backwater of the Biała Przemsza river, lake and ponds

What else can bring so much peace and at the same time so much excitement as coming cross a fish when surrounded by splendid nature? There are plenty of spots in our area where the fish “bites well”, e.g.  in Lake Wolbromski, in the Kluczewskie Ponds or in rough rivers. One can encounter here the following species: carp, pike, sander, catfish, crucian carp, tench, bream, roach, trout and many others. There is a lot of space in the area to pitch a tent or park a camping trailer. You can also use agrotourist accommodation facilities. Fishing is possible from the river bank or from a boat in the spring, summer, autumn or winter because the season for the fish lasts all year round and the peace and quiet fosters the sense of freedom of anglers. 


Lake Wolbromski is shallow, fertile water with the predominance of non-predatory fish. You can catch here a large carp, a metre-long pike, a silver Prussian carp (a member of the family Cyprinidae), an eel and ide (also known as orfe). Delicious sanders have also appeared recently. There a lot of fishing competitions held on Lake Wolbromski. After the joys and hardships of competing, one can relax in the nearby marina – drink something cold and refreshing or order a light snack.

We invite fans of trout fishing to the Trzyciąż Commune where you can encounter this beautiful and tasty fish, especially the rainbow trout, in the water of the Dłubnia River.

Fans of angling have been for years attracted to the Kluczewskie Ponds as well, mostly thanks to the variety of fish species that can be caught here. Large breams, tenches and roaches approach the ground bait left on the pond’s bed. Eels and pikes are common here and with a bit of luck you can also catch a sander or catfish. The location of the fishery attracts whole families. One can sense the charm of the place especially on a warm summer morning, when the rising sun disperses the rest of morning fog with its beams.



Ponds in Laski (the Bolesław Commune) enjoy similar popularity and the local Anglers Circle is one of the biggest in the region. Fans of angling may “hunt” carps, tenches, breams, sanders, pikes and eels. What is interesting, you may also come across crayfish here.


It is worth checking fisheries located a little further...


-5 kilometres from Ocland, there are fish ponds in Sanpaul where many species of fish live, among others, carp, grass carp (also known as white amur), silver carp, bighead carp, goldfish, pike, sander and wels catfish.

-There are also good fisheries near Cserépfalu in Bogács – at Szoros-völgyi tó Pond.  The most important fish: the carp, grass carp, sander, catfish and pike.

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