Oases of calm in the Przemsza area

You can have a really good rest in here! Peace and quiet, the birds singing, the sound of the river. Limestone inselbergs, calming greenery all around. Even in high season, you can find a place with us, where you can contemplate the beauty of nature in solitude. Our oases of calm? We will reveal to you a few secret places. Join the group of insiders!


Canoeing on the Wolbromski Lake

It is a perfect place to relax by the water - unfortunately you cannot swim in the lake water but you can go fishing, ride a water bike, swim in a canoe or go for a walk in the area. And all of these can be done in quiet surroundings because even on the hottest days in the middle of summer holidays there are no such crowds here as Kraków citizens know from e.g. Kryspinów. Often one can even be completely alone here enjoying the calming view of green waterfronts dotted here and there with houses.


In order to rent the best water sports equipment it is best to drive to the marina - you can see it from the distance due to its colourful umbrellas. When driving from Wolbrom you need to turn right past the lake just before the inn “Czarny Las” (Black Woods). At the marina you can buy something to drink (juice, beer) as well as grilled sausages and very often meet anglers boasting of their catches. The Wolbromski Lake is the largest water area in the Olkusz district.


By the pond with sweet flag

When driving a car or bike towards Domaniewice, which then leads to the Wodąca Valley, one gets the impression of being somewhere at the end of the world. On the way you come across ponds excellent for fishing or for just sitting by and relaxing on one of the benches.  On a sunny day the water shimmers in all shades of green and blue, often there is no living soul around and only sweet flag on the banks. For a second, you can feel like by the Masurian lakes. If you get tired of looking at the surface of the water, you can go for a walk towards the woods, along the easy trail that leads to the Wodąca Valley.





The Wodąca Valley and traces of pre-Neanderthal beings!

It is such a beautiful and attractive place that we cannot promise that you will not meet anyone else here (although certainly there will be no crowds). Those who know the place come here for hiking, camping or climbing. Eyes can saturate the views of white limestone inselbergs and satisfy their curiosity and look into numerous caves and grottos. It is definitely worth stopping by the majestic Zegarowe (Clock) Rocks. Towering above the trees, they are visible from the distance. The Valley is famous for numerous caves and grottos that lie on the Stone Age route running across its part. When relaxing in the Wodąca Valley it is worth “distancing ourselves” from current affairs and pondering over the very long history of settlement in this place. In 2005 a sensational discovery was made in the lowest layers of the Biśnik cave, where archaeologists found flint tools dating back to 500 thousand years BC, which means that they were made ​​by pre-Neanderthal beings! The site is also unique for its traces of as many as eighteen attempts of settling by groups of Neanderthals. Such early settlement was due to the exceptional defensive qualities of the Valley (steep slopes, caves). It can be reached from several directions e.g.  the “Smoleń” reserve near the ruins of a castle or from Domaniewice.


Dąbrówka Hill (355 m above sea level) – viewing point in the Chechło village.

One of the two best viewing points from which one can admire a panorama of the Błędowska Desert. It lies on the edge of the desert in the vicinity of the Chechło village (you can get here following e.g. liverwort cycling route). Large areas of sand with tufts of bushes here and there will make you feel like on the real Sahara. This is an excellent place not only to rest in the sand, but also to take a really good picture with the desert in the background!

Numerous events are held here such as the "Desert mirages" – apart from that, however, the place is quiet and deserted. On the hill there are remains of a bunker as the desert was used in the past as a military training ground.


Czubatka Hill – viewing point in Klucze.

It is also a view point of the Błędowska Desert – which, however, appears from here a bit less sandy and greener. All because of the fact that in recent decades the desert have become overgrown with trees and bushes (they will be uprooted as part of the EU project which aims at restoration of the original character of the Desert). It is still worth walking to the top of Czubatka hill – you can see here not only the panorama of a part of the Desert but also the Klucze village with its houses and limestone rocks and even chimneys of “Katowice” Steelworks in the distance.


From the Czubatka hill one can walk down the slope through the beech forest (also full of limestone inselbergs) to two picturesque ponds – Czerwony (Red) and Zielony (Green). These ponds are now the only remnants of the old mine shafts.

You can also find quiet places in the regions we cooperate with.

One of them is the surrounding area of Ocland with a soothing view of daffodil fields. 5 km from Ocland there is a 14-acre pond and a bird watching point in Sănpaul. It is a protected area (you cannot swim here), but fishing is allowed.

In Hungarian Cserépfalu we recommend three oases of calm - Hidegkút laposa (Cold Well Plain) - a beautiful meadow with the relict oak woods. From spring to early winter grey cattle graze here (archaic and endemic species of animals).

- Mesh-tető (Limestone Hill) - a view point with a beautiful panorama of Cserépfalu and with remains of a Celtic castle, and - Oszla-rét (Oszla Meadow). In the vicinity of this charming place there is the Regional House Oszlai (Oszlai-tájház, see among the attractions).

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