School in Satu Nou

Satu Nou
46° 8' 42.3852" N 25° 25' 2.2584" E

The village school in Satu Nou has operated almost continuously since the late 18th century. When a hundred years ago the school building was damaged by flood, classes were for several years held in rented homes. Before the communist era there was always only one teacher in the village, who also served as the cantor in the Arian church and was a very well educated and widely respected public figure. There were times when the school taught students for up to 8 years. Today, there is initial education in years I - IV. A type of kindergarten existed in the rural community already a long time ago. In summer, during the most intense work in the fields, a woman used to be chosen to take care of the youngest inhabitants of the whole village. After the period of collectivisation there was a need to build a kindergarten. It was founded in 1960 and initially operated in the flat of the cantor. After a few years the number of children decreased dramatically, and the commune was forced to close the kindergarten in 1970. It opened again after the political changes in 1989 and it still operates today.

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