The Arian church in Ocland

46° 9' 38.8944" N 25° 25' 26.9796" E

The Arian church in Ocland is a former Catholic church. The main nave dates from the 13th century, though its late-Gothic tower was rebuilt and raised during the modernization of the church in 1937-1938. According to the description of 1789, the church was surrounded by
a wall. Today it is part of the northern and western side of the building. The gate tower, which is part of the wall, dates from the 17th century.
     The coffered ceiling of the church was constructed in four stages between 1712 and 1848. The coffer showing the Copernican system is considered unique. Next to it, there is the array comprising a circle with inner circles bearing Latin names of months and Roman and Arabic numerals. It was used to calculate the exact date of Easter Sunday (the so called Ocland Easter coffer). Medieval frescoes were discovered on the walls of the church, depicting St. Peter and Paul, a scene from the legend of St. Ladislas (unfortunately, this painting is quite badly damaged) and the Resurrection scene.
The local community boasts two consecutive, unique monuments. One is an 1809 gate leading to the pastor’s home. It is the oldest Székelys gate (characteristic carved wooden gate which is a symbol of Székelys culture) throughout the Harghita district, and remains in use. The second treasure of the church is a red-white-green Hungarian Army (Hun. Honvéd) flag of 1848 found in the church organ in 1990, where it was hidden for fear of reprisals. In 1997,
it was restored by the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest and returned to Ocland.
In addition to the historic Arian church in the village there is also a Catholic chapel.

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