“Open cellars, full goblets, empty casks” – a tour for the persistent

3413 Cserépfalu
47° 56' 29.0328" N 20° 32' 8.4084" E

A tour of the wine cellars, a witty presentation of respective wine-makers and their products, each followed by a wine-tasting party and then proceeding to tackle the next cellar. Each participant will be presented a wineglass embossed with a logotype, as a souvenir. (4 “rows” of cellars, 4-7 cellars decorated with ornamental carvings, tasting of 8-12 brands of wines)

  • The Berezdi cellars
  • The Gacsó cellars: in the years 1925 – 1928, effigies of six armed World War I soldiers were carved on its walls.
  • The Derda cellar: Wine Chapel
  • The Livia cellar: one with a viewpoint
  • The Nagy cellar: a cellar-cum-labirynth
  • The Kerékgyártó cellar: a traditional one, with likewise traditional wines
  • The Kompa cellar: very atmospheric, with fabulous wines.
  • The Csecslápa cellars
  • The Dósa cellar: reliefs, such as the map of the historical Kingdom of Hungary, depictions of angels and– allegedly – of the present owners’ grandfathers, portrayed drinking a toast.
  • The Pásti cellars
  • The Kéméndi cellar: display of various old winemaking tools and instruments available.
  • Uncle Rudi’s Cellar: the number of the taps (used for drawing wine from the cask) owned by the host, always equals his age in years.
  • “The Pásti Cellars and Houses”: a four-room cellar decorated with reliefs.


After the tour – on the participants’ special request – we may provide a meal served from a traditional bogracs cooking pot at the Wine Shack. Hungarian folk music also available.


Price: 1500-2500 Ft/person

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