The Stone Hives (Kaptárkövek)

The Stone Hives (Kaptárkövek)

3413 Cserépfalu
47° 56' 59.7696" N 20° 32' 33.36" E

Typical of the Bükk Mountains base area, stone cones of volcanic origin, dubbed the “stone hives,” were used originally for the purpose of worship and later as beehives. One of the most attractive such rock formations is the so-called Devil’s Tower (Ördögtorony), with a nearby “S” tourist trail, reaching from the mouth of the Hór valley. A nearby plaque explains the origin and purpose of the “stone hives”. This rock formation also has folk legends circulating about it. The path to the Tower starts near the Bem St., though it may be also accessed via the “Devil’s Tower” educational trail.

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