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Cserépfalu, founded 760 years ago, is a picturesque village situated in the Hór valley, the most beautiful valley of the Bükk Mountains. It is only 3 km away from the famous thermal baths in Bogács, 25 km from Eger, 57 km from Miskolc and about 140 km from Budapest. The number of places worth seeing in this village of 1,100 inhabitants guarantees a unique programme for visitors.

During the three-hour (3 km) walk through the village we can see:
• Neo-Gothic church of the Reformed
• museum of the Subalyuk cave with finds related to the primitive man
• a village house of the early twentieth century furnished with original furniture and equipment
• ART GALLERY images to view and buy
• HIMZÉS GALLERY embroidery exhibition
• GANG GALLERY Istvan Demjén’s paintings to view and buy
• the Millennium viewing tower
• “Little America” - dwelling places carved in rock
• Nóta Arena a two-level cave, a meeting place for singing and wine
• three levels of wine cellars
• the Wine Shack  a place for parties with a goblet of wine

A walk through the village is worth prolonging to view local peculiarities. It then extends to 6 - 9 km and includes:
• so called stone hives -residue of volcanic activity
• ˝Tur Bucka "
• grey cattle breeding
• the Neanderthal man’s cave
• a forester’s lodge
• climbing to the Ódor var

Visitors eager to relax, families, groups of friends as well as youth camps and training groups will find in the area a perfect accommodation for their stay.

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