The “look from above” cycling route


This route is for cyclists and leads through selected vantage points located throughout the commune. This trip will appeal to lovers of photography, because the hills can provide interesting views of the Klucze panoramas. It takes about 2 hours. Alternatively, rather than traverse the entire route, go to the selected viewpoints.
The first hill we encounter is Jałowce in the town of Klucze, popularly known as Czubatka (382 m), the most famous viewpoint of the commune. You can often meet paragliders there. The way to Czubatka is marked with white-and- brown tourist information plaques.


From the hill, looking towards the west, you can admire the panorama of the Błędowska Desert. On the horizon, the distinctive tower of the church in Błędów is visible to the west, as well as the outlines of the coking chimneys of the "Katowice" Steelworks. To the southwest you can see two towers of the Bolesław church and mine shafts. To the north-west we see Chechło and bunkers from the Second World War, located on the edge of the desert, near Chechło. Looking to the east we see the panorama of Klucze- houses, limestone rocks, forests, and the paper factory to the north.
Czubatka is a place where paths intersect:  the green bicycle trail from Olkusz to Klucze,  the pedestrian yellow route (desert route from Błędów to Jaroszowiec), the equestrian and nature trail  "Around Rudnica."
On the hill is a lookout tower (property of the local forestry, constructed primarily for fire alerts) and the ruins of a one-storey military building (see photo).


We return to the center of Klucz  and  Jurajska street takes us to the vicinity of two hills - Maśnica (408 m) and Dupnica (421 m). Maśnica overlooks the west side of Klucze, and Dupnica is a good vantage point for the allotments of Klucze.  The latter hill is visible from the road to Jaroszowiec as a vertical wall of rocks with a distinct gap in the middle.
On the other side of the road to Jaroszowiec we see another viewpoint - Kamyk (418 m). It is a hill with a  limestone  rock, located near the allotments in Klucze. Views may be admired from there towards Kwaśniowa and  the north-western part of Klucze - you can see, among others, the paper mill, housing and the Błędowska Desert.


In Jaroszowiec, just behind the stadium, we enter the forest road to the foot of the hill "Nad Kopalnią." From the top of the hill, overlooking the entire valley of Jaroszowiec, you can see the whole band Niegowonicko-Smolenskie line of hills.  The bicycle route returns to the asphalt road and crosses it. We continue along the red trail cycling trail through Zalesie, Golczowice to Cieślina. Here, we turn left on the asphalt road to Kwaśniowa, where on the right side of the road we encounter an old lime kiln.
From the intersection by the church we ride down the road, downhill towards Ryczówka. There, from a hill on the right side of the road, behind the “Patrycja” wedding hall, we can admire the panorama from a height of over 400 m
Riding on west along an asphalt road, in Ryczówek, we turn right into Górna Street. From there, we follow Leśna Street (next to the fenced, night-lit reservoirs) and reach the foot of Księża Mountain [Pol.“Priest Mountain”] (462 m). According to legends and traditions, the name is associated with monastery buildings located on top of this mountain in the past. It is told that the lands in Ryczówka were, in the seventeenth century, property of the Camaldolese monastery.


After Księża Mountain it is back to the main road and along it straight to the west, passing by Rodaki. Having passed the village, we turn left and follow the signs of the Przylaszczkowy trail. This route will lead us through Chechło to the edge of the Błędowska Desert, where our goal is already visible -  the Dąbrówka  hill (355 m). This is another vantage point from which you can admire the Błędowska Desert. This is also the final stop on the (Green), route from Zagłębie which accompanies Przylaszczkowy trail from Chechło. On Dąbrówka there is a stone World War II bunker. 
The route from Klucze to Dąbrowka is marked with white and bronze tourist information plaques.

Tourist attractions
  1. The Błędowska Desert – the largest one of this kind in Europe.
  2. Cave Nad Kopalnią (Over the Mine)
  3. The Cross and the boulder with a plaque in Golczowice
  4. The church of St. Stanislaus (Św. Stanisław) the Martyr in Cieślin
  5. The ruins of the Renaissance knight tower in Kwaśniów
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