The Stone Age route –Dolina Wodącej


The Stone Age route, designed in 2005, is a new tourist route through the Polish Jura. It is located in the Wodącej Valley in the Wolbrom commune in Lesser Poland, near the border of the Silesia region (Pilica commune). The trail is marked with green and constitutes an attractive addition to  the scenic values ​​and sites of interest on the nearby trails of Eagles’ Nests (red) and Jurassic Strongholds (blue).
The 10 km route takes tourists to the most beautiful and little known places in Dolina Wodącej. Tourists will be able to see from up close the Clock Rocks (Skały Zegarowe)  with the Zegar and Jasna caves. The top of the highest of the rocks (ca. 486 m) offers unforgettable views. Hikers encounter equally beautiful landscapes among the field ducts leading to Kyciowa Skała  and to the pit hiding the Jasna Strzegowską cave. It is worth pausing to contemplate the so-called living  water source (the source of Tarnówka), in which the relic animal species of  Crenobia alpina has survived to our times. As its name suggests, the route runs through territories inhabited by our ancestors hundreds of thousands years ago. The Biśnik cave is the oldest site of Neandethal culture findings in Poland. There, archaeologists led by Professor Assoc. Krzysztof Cyrk of the Nicholas Copernicus University in Toruń, discovered  traces of pre- Neanderthal beings dating back to  500-400 thousand years ago.

Another notable sight is Grodzisko Pańskie, where a fake coin mint operated in the seventeenth century and  the Jasna Strzegowska cave, where traces of a settlement were discovered, where stone axes were produced on a large scale. The route  takes about four hours. While walking along the many varied Jurassic routes, over rocks and cliffs, be sure to have caution and proper clothing. Always observe fire and safety regulations. Stairs with handrails and chains mounted along the route offer only partial security for tourists, making it easier to navigate through the most dangerous places. The climb  to the tops of the rocks will be undertaken at your own risk.


Tourist attractions
  1. The Zegarowe (Clock) Rocks
  2. The Zegar (Clock) Cave
  3. The Jasna (Bright) Cave
  4. The Kyciowa Rock
  5. The Jasna Strzegowska Cave
  6. The Tarnówka Spring
  7. The Biśnicka Cave
  8. The Grodzisko Pańskie Rock
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