The PTTK transjurassic horseback route


Delineated by the PTTK (Polish Tourist Society) Subcommittee of Mountain Equestrian Tourism, this 250 km trail begins at the Stud of Hucul horses in Nielepice near Krakow and crosses attractive Jura landscapes and natural areas on its way to Częstochowa.  This trip is scheduled for 6 days.
DAY 1 (8 hours) – This part of the trail leads through picturesque terrain through Rudawa,  Radwanowice,  the Racławka valley and Paczółtowice to Zawada. Here riders choose from two places where they can stop for the night together with their horses.
DAY 2 (11.5 hrs) - The trail leads through Zawada ,  Zederman and Zadół Kosmołowski to the ruins of the fourteenth century castle in Rabsztyn. Next, it reaches Pomorzańskie  Skałki (rocks) and after crossing the Hutki  - Klucze road we enter the Błędowska Desert. From there it is a 1.5 hour ride to the Equestrian Center of Mountain Tourism (Ośrodek Górskiej Turystyki Jeździeckiej) in Małobądz.


DAY 3 (8 hours and 15 minutes) - a journey through the Błędowska Desert, crossing a ford of the White Przemsza River and further north to Chechło (Pustynna Street). The next step is Mount Chełm, Hutki- Kanki, Krępa, Lachowizna and Podzamcze with picturesque ruins of the "Ogrodzieniec" castle. Later a 1.5 hour ride to Karlin, where riders have further accommodation in the "Mustang" equestrian tourist center.
DAY 4 (6 hours 45 minutes) - the trail leads through Żerkowice and Zdów to Bobolice, where attention is drawn to the ruins of  the first of two castles which, as legend has it, were once connected  by a 2 km tunnel.  The second is the castle in Mirów where this stage of the trip leads.
 DAY 5 (5 hrs. 45 min.) - Route from Mirów through Łutowiec to Złoty Potok. On our way we pass the reserves: "Ostrężnik" and "Parkowe". Then we arrive at  the "stajnia Wiking" Equestrian Tourist Center


 Day 6 (10 hours) – from Złoty Potok through Zrębice and by  Mount Puchacz, where an additional route(30 minutes)  to  OGT “Stajnia Biały Borek”  leaves the main trail. It later reaches the ruins of the castle in Olsztyn. Then the weary riders follow the route to OGTJ - Ognisko TKKF "Pegaz".
Address  of Sub-Committee of Mountain Equestrian Tourism ZG PTTK:
30-010 Kraków, ul. Jagiellońska 6
Tel: (12) 421 21 13
Source: www.gmina-klucze.pl

Tourist attractions
  1. The ruins of Rabsztyn castle
  2. The Błędowska Desert – the largest one of this kind in Europe.
  3. Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Narodzenia Najświętszej Maryi Panny) in Chechło
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