The Partisan Tourist Trail of the Olkusz area


This trail passes through the places associated with the activities of Polish partisans during the Second World War. The entire Partisan trail designed by the Olkusz PTTK has a length of 44.7 km and runs from  the Wiesiółka railway station to the Udorza station. A part of the route runs through the north-western part  of the Klucze commune, through Skałba, Chechło and Rodaki. The trail goes in the direction of the castle ruins in Udorz. The trail is marked in black.
The hike begins at the western border of the  Klucze commune, in Skałba. This is a small village, near which a large Karn spring may be found. We follow the route markings along the paved road to the west. On our way we pass the picturesque Centuria, one of the tributaries of the White Przemsza River.
After a while we arrive at Chechło. A troop of the Home Army was active in the vicinity of the village in the years 1939 to 1944 under the command of "Hardy". At the cemetery we find the mass grave of the “Surowiec” partisan battalion of the  23rd Infantry Division of the Home Army. Its soldiers died in 1944 at the battle of Błojec. There is also a tombstone of 1789 in the shape of an obelisk with the Śreniawa  coat of arms and the the Kmita family initials. In Chechło, the neoclassical Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is well  worth seeing, as well as the adjoining bell tower from 1830. Other sights include the wooden building of the nineteenth-century rectory. Southwest of the village there is the Dąbrówka hill, which is a great vantage point from where you can admire the panorama of the Błędowska Desert.
The trail leads us along an asphalt road, and then along a hardened dust road to the north-east accompanied by the blue markings of the Przylaszczkowy (Liverwort) cycling trail.

We come to the Rodaki. In this village we find the  pearl of the Jura’s wooden architecture -  the larch wood church of St. Mark built in 1601, within which one can admire its seventeenth-century furnishings. Following the further signs of the trail, we pass the regional road No. 791, and a little further we cross a stream,  the source of which is located nearby and is called the love spring. Further on,  on the left we see Mount Świniuszka, the slopes  of which- in addition to numerous limestone rocks – hide the  Na Świniuszce cave. We continue in the direction  of Strzegowo, where the brick Gothic church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross may be admired. Its structure was expanded in the eighteenth century and adorned in the baroque style. The next stop is the village Udórz with the ruins of a castle.


Tourist attractions
  1. Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Narodzenia Najświętszej Maryi Panny) in Chechło
  2. The Błędowska Desert – the largest one of this kind in Europe.
  3. Rodaki
  4. The Na Świniuszce Cave
  5. Strzegowa
  6. The Jasna Strzegowska Cave
  7. Castle ruins in Udórz
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