The Mąciwoda Cave

32-310 Klucze Klucze, Poległych
50° 19' 57.4788" N 19° 33' 46.1016" E

The cave entrance is situated in a utility well, on private premises at  Poległych Street in Klucze. This makes its exploration harder since the owner’s permission is necessary. The interior may be accessed through a 5 m cased well, evolving into a natural sedimentary cavern. The total space depth reaches 19 m. The lowest portion of the cave is submerged. Throughout the year, one may observe the fluctuations of the water table, which may make the exploration more difficult. 5 m above the cave bottom, there is a corridor reaching a fairly high tectonic chamber which branches into several small corridors. The sloping bottom is covered with rubble and sand. The total length of the cave reaches 195 m and its denivelation – 23 m. The unique feature of this cavern is the constant presence of water, which makes it stand out among other caves of this region. The dripstone formations are scant – though one should note the stalagmites and dripstone layers in the chamber

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