The Lodowa (Ice) Cave

50° 20' 13.7364" N 19° 35' 54.3984" E

The cave’s microclimate is quite interesting. After winter has passed, snow may lie here even

The aperture is located in the northwestern part of the mountain. The cave is 30.5 m long and 5.4 m deep. Its exploration poses no difficulties and does not require any lighting equipment. The cave forms a large vertical cleft, largely exposed from the top. It has two levels. To access the upper one, one must leave the cave, get around the cleft edge from the north and access the cave’s upper part through a 1.5 m rock step.

The Ostra Mountain area has several smaller caverns and shelter caves such as: one shelter near the Lodowa Cave, the Konfesjonał (Confessional) Cave, the Nad Błotną shelter, the W Cyrku (Circus) cave in Stołowa Mountain, The “Under the Lodowa” Cave, the Ku Wieży (To the Tower) shelter cave, the Na Ostrej Górze shelter cave, the Szczelina z Mostami (Cleft with Bridges) shelter cave and the Jubileuszowa (Jubilee) Cave.

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