The Green Bicycle Trail


The Green Bicycle Trail was developed by PTTK in Olkusz, has a length of 25 km and passes through the Klucze and  Olkusz commune. It makes a loop starting and ending at the primary school in Klucze. The trail is marked with green.
The trip begins by the primary school in Klucze in  Partyzantow Street. A map of hiking trails in the Klucze commune may be found there. We follow the route markings and reach the edge of the Błędowska Desert, where we admire the panorama of the desert from the summit  of Czubatka. Near the northern tip of the hill is a cave, Jaskinia Rudnicka,  and two ponds, “Czerwony” and “Zielony”, surrounded by beech forest. The ponds were formed in 1880 after the flooding of two pits which had been mined for iron ore (pyrite and limonite). Surrounded by limestone walls, this is a very picturesque location. There we will see also signs of the nature trail “Around Rudnica”.


Following the signs of our trail, we pass the intersection with the road to Pomorzany,  where there is a monument of nature, Pomorzańskie rocks (single rocks with names: The Sphinx, The Castle, Little Labyrinth). They are an excellent vantage point of the area. From the rocks we go to on to the Olkusz-Klucze road. Then we follow a come to a dirt track to Bogucin Mały (the route markings go south to the market square in Olkusz by the PTTK tourist center).
If you do not want to enter the town, we may head towards Jaroszowiec, making a loop to the stop by the school in Klucze, thus reaching the beginning of our route.
In Bogucin, castle ruins in Rabsztyn are visible to the east. We ride along the edge of the Czarny forest, through Jaroszowiec (on the right side we see the wooded hill above the mine. We cross the Kolejowa Street  heading towards the already visible church - Sanctuary of the Blessed Mary, Help of Christians (here we reach the yellow pedestrian route, the red bicycle Eagles’ Nests Trail and the educational route). We follow the route signs past the church and we enter the forest road, past the hillside with a ski lift, then through the beech forest to the allotments in Klucze, next to the Kamyk hill, then along a dirt road by the edge of the forest until we reach Partyzantów Street in Klucze, where our tour ends by the Primary School.

Tourist attractions
  1. The Błędowska Desert – the largest one of this kind in Europe.
  2. The Rudnicka Cave
  3. Historic buildings from the late 19th century in Jaroszowiec
  4. Chapel in Jaroszowiec
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