The Desert Tourist Trail


This trail crosses, the Błędowska Desert. The entire PTTK Desert Trail is 28.5 kilometers long and connects Błędów and Ryczów - both of the villages are located near the borders of the Klucze commune.
The Desert Tourist Trail begins at the nearby Błędów (west of the Desert). From there it goes east,  through the Błędowskie forests, parallel to the valley of the Biała Przemsza River. Soon after, the route enters the Błędowska Desert. Following the route markings, just before reaching Klucze, to the right we see Mount Czubatka  - a great vantage point of the Błędowska Desert we have just crossed. We enter Klucze - a town which is the seat of the commune, through the land of which we have been walking. The trail leads us to the main streets of the town, next to the health center and swimming pool. It is a good idea to briefly stray from marked trails and see the old manor house from the early twentieth century, the church of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, and in Klucze Osada -nineteenth-century buildings damaged during the construction of a paper factory (more on page xx). Visitors interested in cavers will enjoy seeing Jaskinia Mąciwody located near the church.
The Desert route continues along the north-eastern borders of the village (on the right we pass the Marglok and Kamyk hills, from which you can admire the panorama, and then through the forest towards Jaroszowiec. Before we get to this village, on the right, we pass the Maniakówka hill and its ski-lift. We follow the route signs along the northern edge of Jaroszowiec , past a  1929 chapel and then along the main road. Not far behind the "Jaroszowiec Olkuski" railway station, the route turns left and runs through the forest to the north (crosses the asphalt road and old railway tracks).
We cross the Biała Przemsza and in Kobylica we encounter the blue markings of the Przylaszczkowy Cycling Route and continue along it to Golczowice.

In the center of the village we pass the cross and boulder with a plaque dedicated to the January insurgents. We turn right and head north through wooded areas. We pass a wayside cross, cross the asphalt road, and go on through the Blachówka wood until we reach the river and the hamlets  of  the nearby Kwaśniowa. Soon after, on the left we pass the slopes of the Kwiecynek hill - a good vantage point.
Yellow signs lead to the north to the border of the commune, and further west to Ryczów, where the trail ends by the ruins of a guard tower.

Tourist attractions
  1. The Błędowska Desert – the largest one of this kind in Europe.
  2. The Dietl Palace, the Palace of Boris Jr. and the Manor of the widow of Louis Mauve in Klucze
  3. The Mąciwoda Cave
  4. Historic buildings from the late 19th century in Jaroszowiec
  5. Chapel in Jaroszowiec
  6. The Cross and the boulder with a plaque in Golczowice
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