The church of St. Catherine (Św. Katarzyna) in Wolbrom

32-340 Wolbrom Wolbrom, Krzywa 2
50° 23' 10.2624" N 19° 45' 35.3916" E

The church of St. Catherine in Wolbrom is the main parish church, and therefore probably originates from the time of the location of the city. The first mention of the "Ecclesia de Wolwrami Civitate" comes from the records of a special tax paid to the pope, the so-called "Peter's pence" from the year 1346. The present church was in 1633 taken over by the regular canons, who in the years 1638 to 1664 conducted the major rebuilding and expansion in the Baroque style. Parts of the interior were made in the Baroque style (the high altar and one of the side altars containing a miraculous image of Our Lady), the rest were made at a later date. The four altars especially deserve attention. They were made by a talented local artist, Paweł Turbas, in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. One of the side chapels contains a baptismal font from the eighteenth century, carved in red marble. The church of St. Catherine stands on the blue –marked Route of Jura Fortresses, which passes through Wolbrom.

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