Księża Góra (the Monks’ Mountain) in Ryczówek

50° 23' 25.0584" N 19° 33' 34.4736" E

The Kraków Camaldolese order from Bielany once used one of the local hills, in the northern part of the Ryczówek village, as spot for a sacred hermitage and a monastery hospital at the mountain base. Unfortunately, no traces of that have survived until the modern times. The mountain, though, is covered in a magnificent forest which is a popular spot for mushroom or berry-pickers every autumn. Tourists are also in for an aesthetic treat, for the magnificent view of the surrounding area spreading from the top. Not so far from Księża Mountain, there also stands an interesting rock formation, which the locals have dubbed as”The Finger.” The reason is that the formation resembles the upward-pointing middle finger. The more witty ones say it looks like a characteristic gesture, used by drivers. Though to some others it resembles an entirely different body part…

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