Imbramowicki Trail


The Imbramowicki Trail complements the Trail of Jurassic Strongholds. The trail links the south-eastern border of the communes in the area of ​​Minoga with Ściborzyce and its nineteenth-century palace of the Popiel family and a monument of nature: the "Jordan" water source. Further along, the Imbramowicki Trail reaches Małyszyce and the convent in Imbramowice and continues through a picturesque gorge and future forest reserve "Ostrysz" to Glanów. A cycling trail runs along the Dłubnia River. It reaches the limits of the Trzyciąż commune from the east in the village of Ściborzyce and continues through Małyszyce and Imbramowice to Trzyciąż, to the sources of Dłubnia river.

Tourist attractions
  1. The Popiel Palace in Ściborzyce
  2. The Jordana Spring
  3. The Ostrysz reserve (still in progress)
  4. Manor in Glanów
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