Educational route – Around Rudnica


Educational route "Around Rudnica" begins in Klucze in Osiedle XXX-lecia and is about 1.5 km in length. It  provides an opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with the so-called Jurassic “kuesta” or hill range (Mount Rudnica and Mount Czubatka) separating the Kraków-Częstochowa Jura from the Silesian Upland (Desert Błędowska). The route leads past two ponds,  Czerwony [Pol."Red"] and Zielony [Pol. "Green"], formed in areas where iron ore was formerly mined. The ponds are named after specific water colors associated with the presence of various minerals in the rocks. At the top of  Mount Rudnica one can see interesting rock formations: inselbergs  or  limestone  rocks shaped by water (karst processes) and  the Rudnicka cave, which is about 30 m long. The route continues through a picturesque beech forest,  with some 3 centuries-old beeches considered monuments of nature and with many interesting species of plants in the undergrowth, to Mount Czubatka, also known as Jałowce, which offers a view of the Błędowska Desert, where the trail connects to the yellow Desert Trail, along which we return to Klucze.

Source: http://www.gmina-klucze.pl/

Tourist attractions
  1. The Błędowska Desert – the largest one of this kind in Europe.
  2. The Rudnicka Cave
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