Spišský Hrad castle

Spišský Hrad castle

Spišský hrad
49° 0' 1.1448" N 20° 46' 5.79" E

Located at 634 m, on a limestone rock, towering ca. 200 m over the neighbouring areas, the Spišský Hrad castle is the dominating landmark, one of the most valuable Spiš monuments, as well as a national monument of culture. The castle not only stands witness to the Slovak architectural development  between the 12th and 18th centuries, but also, owing to its over 4-hectar area (41 426 m2, to be precise), it is considered one of the largest middle-European castle complexes.

Its history is likewise vast and interesting. The rock where it is located would be inhabited already during early and late Stone Age.

The prehistoric settlement reached its largest area at the turn of the modern era, when a large hill-fort, belonging to the Púchov culture existed there. The hill fort embankments were discovered during recent archaeological excavations. Dwelling traces of farmers and trades people were also discovered, as well as a large sacra object. The size, fortification and organizational structure may point that already in its early period; the settlement was the administrative centre of the middle Spiš. The embankments, still possible to distinguish, would surround the fort and cross its courtyard. After the fort’s disappearance, another strong fort, Drevenik, came to be. It is only after it had been torn down, that the Spišský Hrad as we know it today was built.


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