Museum of the Tatras National Park (TANAP) in Tatranská Lomnica

Museum of the Tatras National Park (TANAP) in Tatranská Lomnica

Tatranská Lomnica
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49° 9' 58.9644" N 20° 17' 3.2388" E

Since its establishment in 1957, until 1959 the TANAP museum existed in the Podtatranské museum in Poprad. It was then moved to Tatranská Lomnica, to one of the most modern museum buildings in Slovakia, the facade of which is designed to resemble a Tatran summit. The building was designed by architect Pavol Merjavý, who received the Dušan Jurkovič award for his design.

The museum refers to traditions reaching all the way to the year 1883, when the Hungarian Carpathian Association established the Carpathian Museum in Poprad. In 1949, the bill was accepted to establish the park and one of the tasks of the new administration was to create a research station and a museum. The museum collections hold many exhibits, related to botany, zoology, history, cartography, geology and ethnography. The display is divided into sections dealing with nature, environment protection, history and ethnography. The museum also organises film screenings and subject-specific exhibitions. The display includes a geology field station and a memorial for those, who endeavoured to realise the idea of the Tatra National Park.            

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