Lomnický štít

Lomnický štít

Lomnický štít
49° 11' 41.7732" N 20° 12' 52.4916" E

Lomnický štít (2632 m) is one of the most  famous summits and popular tourist destinations in the High Tatras. Three ridges descend from the characteristic triangular summit, dominating the area. The first one, northwest, through Malý Pyšný štít, several other summits and the Baranie sedlo pass, finally joining the main ridge of the High Tatras. To the southwest another one extends through Kežmarský štít and Malý Kežmarský štít . The third one is Lomnicka Ridge, to the south and southeast, through the Lomnické sedlo pass.

Once dubbed ”Grandfather,” the summit was once thought to be the highest summit of the Tatras by the Spiš  locals. During the 18th century, four generations of the Fábry family of miners, from Kežmark, would excavate for malachite and silver, hoping to find also gold. Jakob Fábry, a member of that family, ascended the summit from Medené lávky (between 1760 and 1790), and his family probably found their way, also from Lomnica, through  Lomnické sedlo, to the Skalnatá Dolina valley. The southern slopes were also already known by the hunters from neighbouring villages.

The first traveller to ascend in 1793 was Scotsman Robert Townson, who ascended from the Studená Dolina valley. Winter ascents have been recorded since 1891.

In 1940, ascents were made easier by the installation of a cable car from Tatranská Lomnica, thanks to which the summit became the most often visited one in the Tatras. The cable car terminus is connected to a solar observatory and weather station. In 1957, a broadcast station was built at the summit, and 1965 saw the installation of a high voltage line from the Skalnatá Dolina.

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